Emily Dralus

Water flows in the direction that the wind takes it. When there is no wind to direct the water it stands still. If you were to throw a rock into the water when it is still the ripple from that rock would spread far & wide until it would reach the shore. The rock caused a major disturbance in the stillness of the water. When wind is present & a rock is thrown into the water the wind allows the ripple from the rock to morph into the movement caused by the wind. What if we are the water & God is our wind that guides us in life? There are times that we get distracted and allow the trials in life to stand in our way, but with God consistently guiding us he will turn our greatest ripples into the movements that we are meant to be a part of. When we don’t allow God in our lives we stand still and those trials become so much harder. When Peter was walking towards Jesus he was able to do so when trusting in him. When Peter got distracted he began to slip. We have to do our best to focus on Go

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