Joshua Harbord

Sometimes, in your faith life everything seems to make sense. God feels close very often and you strongly feel his presence when you pray. You have a strong community of believers that you are a part of that you can do life with. You are growing as a person and serving others while being filled by God. Often this is our experience at camp. However, these emotions can tend to fade as we return to our everyday lives and it becomes harder to feel God as closely. It can be very difficult to have faith in God when we are unable to feel him, especially when coming back from a place like camp that is so full of powerful emotional experiences. However, we have to realize that those emotions are just side-effects of an experience with an Almighty God and just because those feelings aren’t there doesn’t mean God isn’t. Let us fall in Love with the God behind those powerful experiences, and not the emotions that we feel. After all, he is with us always, for He will never leave us nor forsake 

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