Baylee Zimmerman

“But when I am afraid, I will put my trust in you.”

Psalms 56:3

As we struggle through times, such as this pandemic, we often can turn to the feeling of being afraid. It may consume our entire being and become the only thing we think about. This feeling of being afraid can follow through times of change. Meeting new people, starting at a new school, and trying something new. It can be something that haunts us for a long time. A lot of my life has been spent being afraid, I seem to be constantly scared of what is to come.

Unpredictable outcomes have never been what I find enjoyable and I always want to be prepared for the future, but, we may forget that in these times of afraidness, that there is someone who already knows the outcome. Someone who already knows what is in store for our life. It is not something we can control but rather something that is in store for us to find out.

By putting aside this fear, we can realize that God is right there beside us, encouraging us to push through, only if we trust him with what is to come. He will always be there for when you feel afraid and like you are stepping into the unknown. My prayer is that you will find peace in whatever storm may come your way. Fear is nothing to be afraid of. I pray that you will fully trust God and his path for you. Let it encompass you and never let it go.

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