Hope Lewellen

“…it always seems so easy to feel God right next to you…”

One of my favorite things about camp is that it always seems so easy to feel God right next to you; walking with you to your cabin, sitting next to you on the dock, even cheering you on in 9-square. My relationship with God thrives on those moments inside and outside of camp, particularly the ones when I’m alone with just Him and my thoughts. That’s when I feel most comfortable speaking freely to him – yep, out loud! It may sound silly, and if you ran into me taking a stroll and looking like I’m just talking away to myself, you’d probably think that I was crazy, but when the moment comes, and I feel so totally overwhelmed with whatever it is that’s on my mind, I just tell myself to seize the moment and take the opportunity to talk to God. And what a cool thing it is that we have a God that’s always so ready to listen to us! No matter what way you best connect with Him – through talking out loud, through music, through writing, or literally any other way – remember that He is always ready to hear you. He created you to be perfectly imperfect just the way you are, and He is so ready to stand by your side as you take on whatever life brings you, constantly loving and supporting you. Just let Him know what’s on your mind; He’ll always be there, never forget that!

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