Kristina Smith

The ocean tide is symbolic of my personal journey through faith; there are highs and lows with constant motion. 

I believed my faith was represented by a heavy rock on the beach that never moved and God was the ocean. Sometimes, the ocean swelled and submerged the rock, and other times it pulled away and left the rock dry. I felt my faith was the standing constant and God played the moving role- he chose to make himself present (or not) in my life. Growing up, I went to church, youth group, VBS, the whole shebang (camp included). In all of these settings, I consistently heard stories of people who had awe-striking ‘God moments’. They had incredible life-changing experiences that solidified their faith and made my early acceptance of Christ (as my savior) pale in comparison.

Hearing story after story made me crave my own life-changing ‘God moment’. It wasn’t until several years ago when I finally understood that not everyone has one, definitive, ‘God moment’ that changes their life- some people have many small moments. For me, I saw God differently every day in rainbows, sunsets, my best friend, heart-shaped clouds, worship music, and dollars I found on the ground. Don’t be discouraged because your relationship with God doesn’t fit the ‘template’. I also realized that all this time I had the roles reversed; God was the steady, constant rock with unwavering love, always there to be seen, and my faith was the moving tide, sometimes pushing away and sometimes pulling closer to God. Remember to seek him because he is there if you are looking. I will leave you with my favorite bible verse

“Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go.”

Joshua 1:9

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