Ashley Lilly


I’m Ashley Lilly. I’ve been regularly attending my church since I was an infant. Having my church community is one of the most influential things in my life. I have met my closest friends, my biggest role models, found my future career, and most importantly created an amazing relationship with God. I started in the nursery, grew through the children’s program, developed in the youth program where I served as my youth group’s president for most of high school, served as the nursery worker my senior year, and as of last summer took over the position of children’s ministry director. I’ve always taken what I was taught at church to heart, and it just always felt like the right place to be. Going on mission trips and retreats left me feeling so full. I think that’s when I realized I wanted to be either a youth director or a pastor. I want to create that environment of love and learning for others. To me church has always been a place of love and acceptance and that’s what I want it to be for others. I want people to think of church as a positive loving environment no matter who they are. That’s what God means to me. I think Jesus sums it up best, his two main teachings are to love God and to love others. That’s what I try to remember when I lead my life. I have grown up surrounded by God and his love and I’m still learning about him everyday.

Not a big fan of reading? Check out the video version of Ashley’s devo here!

Thanks, Ashley!

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